WordPress Website Design

We’re a website design firm that uses WordPress for all the sites we create. WordPress is a very stable and secure platform and there are an unlimited amount of theme possibilities to choose from so you’re not limited to a fixed number of choices.
We mainly work with small to medium sized companies that want a professional looking website that will look great on computer screen or mobile phone. All the sites that we develop are “responsive” which means no matter the size of the screen, the site will provide an optimal viewing experience. We also work with you on the front end to make sure your content is well structured and accomplishes 2 goals; first, it must address the need of the end user and second, you need to show that you can solve their problem . When you combine good content that achieves those goals then you’ve established a good foundation for solid SEO (search engine optimization).

In addition to website design we can also help with the following:

  • Domain name selection
  • Web hosting
  • Logo design
  • Updating / Refreshing an existing WordPress site
  • Converting an old non-Wordpress site to a new WordPress one
  • Site Maintenance
  • Squarespace customization
  • Wix customization
  • Snappages customization
  • Civic Plus customization